MultiURLLoader – Bulkload files at once

Never had to load a series of config or xml files on your application startup ?

Instead of chaining loader initializer functions and Complete event handlers, use the MultiURLLoader class. This class will allow you to load, not only one file, but a list of files in one load operation.

The MultiURLLoader class just behaves like the URLLoader class. But, instead of providing one URL, you provide a list of URLs. Once all the files are loaded, an Event.COMPLETE will be triggered.

Labels – A simple locales tool

Building websites for the EU institutions, a common feature requested for web apps is a multi-lingual interface. I’ve designed a really simple helper class to handle labels and language versions.

The class can be downloaded here.

To use the class, simply import it into your project

Then, load your xml based labels list into the class:

From now on, your labels are available through the class using their ids :

If the user changes the locale, just reload the corresponding label list and voilà.